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Kasey has been a licensed massage therapist for over 20 years and a Nationally Certified Reflexologist since 2006.  My passion is teaching reflexology at the Baltimore School of Reflexology which she has owned for 10 years.  Kasey has also belonged to RAA and MDRA since 2006. 

Term ends 6/30/21


Vice President

My journey with Reflexology began around 1974 when I would travel with my mum and aunts to New Paris, Pa to Wiley’s Health Clinic where we received Foot Reflexology. Laura and David Wiley were my first reflexology mentors and introduced me to May Post from whom I took several “official” trainings through the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR) during the 1980’s.

After twelve years in the field of child development I made a career change which included becoming a certified reflexologist through IIR. I started my own business and twenty-four years later am happily working in Oakmont, Pa where I also live with my husband, Tim and dog, Jasper. Our son, Ben, my most devoted ‘client’ just moved to Florida.

I love reflexology and am honored to be serving the Maryland Reflexology Association as vice president. Please feel free to contact me with any ideas or concerns about our organization and the growing field of reflexology. Term ends 6/30/20


Treasurer & Education Chair

Certified Reflexologist, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies 2006
Nationally Certified Reflexologist, ARCB since 2008
Member of Reflexology Association of America
Member of Maryland Reflexology Association since 2006

Caroline has studied complimentary, alternative and energetic modalities extensively.
Treasurer term ends 6/30/21



Term ends 6/30/20


Member at Large & Membership Chair


I have been doing Reflexology on the Feet Face and Hands for 7 years. Reflexology is my passion. I love helping others heal and enhance their  well-being for any  health situation.So they may Live their Best Life Now. 

Term ends 6/30/21


Member at Large & Sunshine Chair

For 50 years, Marianne worked in the field of Intellectual Disabilities in many capacities . Upon retirement from the more traditional service system and for the last six years, Marianne has brought her services as a reflex therapist directly to more than sixty people with intellectual disabilities and autism as well as to  their families and caregivers. Initially many of the people with whom Marianne works  have not typically thought of reflex therapy, acupressure and other holistic modalities as possibilities. With the comfort offered by these services,  positive attitudes and ease of body and mind are being achieved.

Marianne lives and works in the Philadelphia, Pa. area and in addition to her hands on practice, she provides frequent workshops and information sessions for Providers of Services, Parent , Student and Community groups and Educators.

Term ends 6/30/20


Membership at Large & Legislative Chair

It’s been an enlightening journey learning reflexology.  It began when I took a reflexology course required for massage therapy.  I had no idea this course would lead me to starting my own business.  


It was intriguing to learn the nerve endings in the feet are interrelated to the body’s internal system.  Stimulation to the nerve endings can transmit positive changes to these areas in the body.  I never felt such well-being and balance in my body till I received foot work in class!  It was amazing and still is every time I have work done. 


It is my desire for you to enjoy these pleasant sensations and experience well-being and balance in your body.  Term ends 6/30/21

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